vendredi 7 décembre 2007


I have fallen in love once again. It all started last spring when I became attracted to her. I admired her from a distance not wishing to make a move for fear she would not respond to the way I was used to. I admired the natural look of her hair. I knew she was supple and soft. But questions kept running through my mind such as: Would she caress my surfaces as I was used to? Would she spring back? How would she feel in my hand?

I figured out quite quickly that she was French because her middle name was “petit”. And it wasn’t just her size, or at times, the lack thereof that impressed me. It was her shape. She could contort herself so easily and then revert back straight to her original form with just a flick. I just wanted so much to get my hands on her, but … should I take the risk? Moreover, being so special, she was often locked up. So I couldn’t get a real close look at her.

Finally, the right moment presented itself and I couldn’t resist it any more. One day in September when I was downtown Johanne introduced me to her. And life has not been the same since. It has been the start of a long love affair.

Isabey Petit Gris is her full name. This watercolour natural hair brush has exceeded all my expectations. She flows across the paper with ease and retains so much water and pigment that one stroke goes a long way. I do everything with her and her many sisters and brothers. For the moment I own the no 7, the no 2, the two inch 6421 and finally the pocket Isabey which never leaves my person.

So, if you feel you dare to fall in “love” this Christmas, add her to your “wish list”. Just head on down to see Johanne at Art Tec and she will introduce you to the one or ones which will suit your hand.

Finally, if you’d like a sneak preview as to how I handle my new “love” come see my watercolor demonstration December 15th at 1 pm. But phone first at (514) 288-9892 because space is limited.

Note: The painting of the brushes was done on Aquarius II 80 lb. Cold Press paper by Strathmore on a quarter sheet.

Raynald Murphy sca

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